Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Prince Podcast: Ridin' High #1

Weekend Prince - Ridin' High #1

Franco Battiato & Juri Camisasca - Himalaya

Track List:

Fox - The Juggler
Faze-O - Ridin' High
Cole Medina - Love You Inside Out
Lee Ritenour - The Countdown
Stroer - Don't Stay Till Breakfast
Vivian Vee - Alright
Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp (Remix)
Tussle - Rainbow Claw
African Suite - Grass
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
Franco Battiato & Juri Camisasca - Himalaya

The WP podcast series is now officially named "Ridin' High" after the cosmic love stonker by Faze-O, brought to my attention by Zade. It's one of the horniest, most stoned-out escapist psychedelic jams I've heard. It sounds like you will never have any problems again, because it's 3am and you are in another world. I tried to do an edit of it once, except that you can't edit it, because editing involves taking out the not-cool parts of a song and looping the cool parts more, and "Ridin' High" is already just perfectly cool parts looped forever.

The mix ends with a looped break from DC go-go masters Trouble Funk underpinning a weirdo 1975 T.Rex-y mystical pop track from Italy called "Himalaya" - it's compellingly, hypnotically goofy-glam enough, with great two word chorus "Himalayyyaa.....Katamandu!" with a general misty-mountain hippie vibe, that it's one of my recent favorite dug-up oddball tracks, so I present it to you in full as a bonus treat from my heart. Plus the album cover is an awesome iron death ship. Or a gladiator mask, I can't tell.

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