Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post-Punk Dance Treats

Last Sunday, despite being seriously exhausted from an all-nighter at Studio B for the sake of the weekend-long Minitek techno festival, and in the interlude before I was to make it out to Coney Island for the fest's climactic Audion-Richie Hawtin showdown, I dragged myself to Fort Greene's Brooklyn Flea, where there was a special DJ record collection sale taking place. One of the few guys selling a substantial amount of interesting stuff was this dude, whose wares included a bunch of post-punk disco-not-disco records, and some Japanese bamboo flute album he swore was seriously fire, but which I passed on nonetheless. From him I did procure Shriekback's 1982 debut EP Tench. It's a group that includes a guy from XTC and a guy from Gang of Four. 

Rather than rip it digitally myself, I scoured a bit for a post, and came across Egg City Radio, which I can highly recommend as a tremendous music blog, plenty of post-punky / dancey / experimental whatever rarities, as well as copious amounts of lost horror movie scores, etc. The opener "Accretions" is a great wound-tight post-punky dance jam, all teeth-grating edges and steely paranoia. "My Spine is the Bassline" is from a later release and has more of a disco-ey fat booty that it bounces on in good spirits. 

PS at the Brooklyn Flea you can get tacos and stuff from the famed Red Hook Ballfield taco vendors, who've set up shop there, and who are basically angels on this earth.

"Fear No Fear" is the excellent debut single from the UK-based Detachments, on This is Not an Exit. It's got all the noirish electro-pop early New Order elements you want and none of the retardo sneering posturing that you don't want and that you might associate with Manchester revivalism. This is more technoey, with dense and echoing synths and a great hi-freq reverbed drum pulse. Trippy, claustrophobic, dancey, it's a killer, you want it. 

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