Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Podcast: Raw & The Crooked Vol. 3

More illness courtesy of AC cohort DJ Still Life. Plus you can never go wrong opening with "Orleans." In addition, Still Life would like to tell you this:

- Keeping the bumps bumping and the chunks chunky, here's the latest edition of The Raw & The Crooked.  Lots of nuggets of joy on here to carry you through the waning summer season, including a short Madlib set with some fresh noise.

1. David Crosby- Orleans
2. Autolux- Turnstile Blues
3. Alice Russell- Fly In the Hand
4. Flying Lotus- Camel
5. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
6. These New Puritains- Infinity
7. Frank n Dank- Pause
8. J Dilla- Jungle Love
9. Brooklyn Academy- Back In Effect
10. Samiyam- Rap Beat 08
11. Guilty Simpson- Pigs
11. Madlib- Disco Dance
12. Wendy Rene- After Laughter
13. Lootpack- Crate Diggin'
14. Virtuoso- Incenerator
15. JEL- Diypartisan
16. Nas- Hero
17. Gaslamp Killer- Show Stopper
18. Stateless- Exit
19. Scott Matelic- Vaccine
20. Money Mark- Cry (Dust Brothers Remix)
21. Doves- Satellite

*My apologies in advance to the good DJ, as Google Chrome, despite otherwise being a solid browser, did not allow me access to the jpg sent. but can you really go wrong with an oil skull on canvas?

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