Monday, December 8, 2008

RH Podcast 12/09/08: Night Plane

ridin' high on 12/09/08: night plane

track list

night plane - here on earth
bombers - shake
the jackson sisters - i believe in miracles
downtown party network - days like these
lykke li - little bit (loving hands remix)
aeroplane - whispers (hercules & love affair remix)
runaway - just got paid
tantra - hills of kathmandu
jeanne shy - night dancer (beat broker dub)
del shannon - gemini (pilooski edit)
night plane vs. tweet vs. michael watts - turning red (oops oh my)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

this week, I ride high alone, delivering to you some choice deep disco bookended by two new cuts by myself, the first, some post-coital nuzzle disco, an edit of the outro to "you make your own heaven and hell right here on earth" by undisputed truth. The finale is a housed-up take on dj michael watts' chopped and screwed version of "oops oh my" by tweet. The lyrics to which remind us that there is little, if anything, sexy about male autoeroticism. Why is hearing about female self-stimulation something erotic while the male equivalent the stuff of bro-bonding conversation? Because female sexual arousal is fleeting and overwhelming, it seems to descend and inhabit the body like an electric phantom. Male arousal on the other hand is a given. No one wants to hear a song about a guy stroking it, because on its own it's a highly banal topic, like shaking hands or buying chewing gum. There seems to be little secret to it, whereas the womanly erotic mood, in my experience, is something more to be summoned with smoke signals and raindances. At least that's how I do it. 

As for the rest of the tracks, I should tell you that deep disco is like a woman whose affections I could never wholly extract myself from, no matter how low my grift might go. Even if I have flirtations or intense affairs with other styles of music, deep disco knows deep down, my love is forever. 

bombers - shake: I love lumbering basslines like this. Plus when the synths come in, it sounds like the enterprise is about to dock.

the jackson sisters - I believe in miracles: not the "I believe in miracles" song from 'Boogie Nights.' Thankfully. A serious deep one that I heard at Phillipe & Ed's birthday party last friday night. 

downtown party network - days like these: nice band name. A new one on Eskimo records that stays in a blissful loft classic vein.

lykke li - a little bit (loving hands remix): I've never heard lykke li but I heard she's popular with people who like things. Her voice reminds me of the chick on that "joe le taxi" soulwax remix, breathy and little kiddy.

aeroplane - whispers (hercules & love affair remix): here is a list of people who own in dance music right now: aeroplane, kathy diamond, and H&LA. Kathy's singing style is tailor-made for lush disco-house productions, and H&LA just crush whenever they show up doing their bonky chicago-house remix work. I fucking love this song.

runaway - just got paid: Wurst Edit from Jacques Renault and that other dude. when the girl vocal kicks in for the first time with "you got the magic touch.." it's like getting smacked in the face. 

tantra - hills of kathmandu: I'm into travel disco. The disco group Voyage is great for this, they have a whole album where every jam is going to a different country, and it's real goofy-exotic. Their jam "Souvenir" is on Metro Area's Fabric mix. This track from Tantra is just killer, stripped down freight-train disco, the kind where you understand why James Murphy first thought that he could make disco that would appeal to rock fans.

jeanne shy - night dancer (beat broker dub): From the new El Bum LP put out by the guys who run the Bumrocks site. Bumrocks completes a triumvirate along with Lovefingers and Robots in Heat of impeccably-curated crate-digger sites that ceaselessly turn up all manner of severely weird, compelling tunes. 

del shannon - gemini (pilooski edit): beautiful melody, smashing edit. I love that pilooski and the dirty crew focus way more on groovy soul tracks than on weirdo disco. Like the 'crawfish' edit, this has kind of a baseball stadium gary-glitter type stomp.  

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Still Life said...

That tweet remix is a little creepy in the best kind of way.