Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acid Symphony: "So Run the Tears As Wine"

Oh man. John M. sent me this. It is some tv bit about a Finnish electronic musician who composed an "acid symphony" for the classic Roland 303 bass synthesizer called "So Run the Tears As Wine." No really, that's what it's really called. And he performs it with like five dudes all in tuxes, sitting calmly and tweaking 303 knobs. I wrote back to J, "this is really funny" and he replied "dude in dracula cape is totally serious." There's a part two up on youtube as well that you should see.

I also must say that I really like that it's not in any way a symphony. It's like a parodic version of Manuel Goettsching's e2-e4, which is an acknowledged classic and something like rave music for people with season tickets to Lincoln Center. "So Run The Tears as Wine" pretty much sounds like, uh, some acid techno.

please enjoy

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