Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morgan Geist - Detroit

Morgan Geist from Metro Area has a new album coming out, Double Night Time, which is good news for everybody. It features alot of singing by Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys, who should basically sing on all techno songs. The compositions are always so slippery and organic, you're pulled along without being aware of it. The opener, "Detroit," is fantastic. Basically no one produces such warm and crisp sounds as Geist does, and this jam is suffused with a neon melancholia that's looking back all over the place - to some long-lost inner experience, to a golden age of electronic music, and even to Geist's own earlier work - the end of 'Detroit' slides neatly into an interpolation of one of his own b-sides, "24k." 

I first found out about Double Night Time from my associate Jonathan F, who mentioned it to me in an email exchange back in June. Here is an excerpt:

June 27th, 2008.

JF: Speaking of things that nobody else cares about, I just got the new Morgan Geist record in the mail and I really like it.

me: what is the geist record?? I don't see anything of it online. It is ungoogleable.

JF:I guess it's more techno-popish and the vocalist from the Junior Boys is on it a lot. Less strings and organic touches and more synths than Metro Area. I don't know, their press people sent it to me.

me: look, some of us haven't finished the internet yet

JF: It gets better at the end.

me: don't spoil it.

JF: Google dies.

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