Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Songs of Laura Mars

Barbra Streisand - Love Theme from the Eyes of Laura Mars (Prisoner)
Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant

The Eyes of Laura Mars is an 1978 American Giallo-horror film starring Tommy Lee Jones & Faye Dunaway. John Carpenter wrote the screenplay. Originally supposed to star Barbra who instead just sings the title song. I will acknowledge that I am posting a Streisand song on my blog, ok? Deal with it. It's a heavy sort of awesome quasi-Pat Benatar rock ballad. The rest of the soundtrack incorporates heavy doses of Sunshine band-style boogie disco, to match what may in fact be the worst collective set of hairstyles on any group of actors ever. Seriously Rene Auberjonis has this intense flowing mane, and Tommy Lee's locks are fairly creepy as well.

Dunaway's character is a shock-exploitative photographer obsessed with shooting pictures of violence and death. At the beginning of the film there's a gallery opening where they used Helmut Newton photos as her photos.

Here's a famous sequence where there's a photoshoot at Columbus Circle with models fighting and cars on fire:

"Let's All Chant" is a disco classic and I'm super-down with the song structure: bare, stripped and rhythm-centered, until all of a sudden there's a left-turn jolt and the chorus appears out of nowhere. A great jam that's been cover-version mangled a million times.

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