Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ridin' High Podcast 12.23.08: Night Plane

just in time for christmas, it's the darkest ridin' high podcast yet, the soundtrack to fiercely frozen streets during the longest night of the year. featuring a new solo track by the singer from the knife, a special kanye remix, and for closers, a balearic cover of metallica. dark and shadowy, yes, but running the gamut from steel-edged midnight horror to smoothed-out twilight grooves.
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file under: moody machines and paranoid androids

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track list
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excellent swoon - dear scott
fever ray - if I had a heart
eno, moebelius & roedelius - the belldog
woolfy vs. projections - return of starlight (invisible conga people remix)
night plane - walls of stone
lawrence - miles
anthony rother - welcome to my laboratory
ssion - clown (glass candy remix)
kanye west - welcome to heartbreak (night plane remix)
nine inch nails - down in it
motor city drum ensemble - stripped down
killing joke - almost red
honey bane - guilty (jd twitch edit)
leda - endless race
tiedye - nothing else matters
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if i had a heart: a new solo track by the singer from the knife, singing the tin man's solitary 3am lament.

the belldog: one of my favorite eno vocals tracks, a collab with cluster. a haunting interlude about technology and transformation. because you see, there are two kinds of art, the kind that tells humanity about itself, and the kind that reminds humanity that it is actually at its core something other than itself, that the essence of the human is inhuman.

walls of stone: inspired by a late night trek through the financial district, with ghostly facades of financial institutions staring back at me. 

clown (glass candy remix): cool remix by johnny jewel, nicely italo with good vocal line. 

welcome to the heartbreak (night plane remix): my detroit version. every piece of art has two parts, it has itself, and it has that penumbra of possibilities around it that were never realized, but that glow like a halo. it's the dj's job to capture and engage with this halo, like those old photographs that claimed to capture a person's aura around them. in a good mix, the halos from two songs, when placed together, appear to be of matching colors. that's how I feel about placing kanye next to nin. In other words, if you think about it, 808's and Heartbreak = Pretty Hate Machine. enough said. the move from kanye's crying robot to trent's screech is really satisfying.

guilty (jd twitch edit): another of optimo's awesome punk edits. This is some more echoe-y postpunk with sexy girl gasps. 

endless race: much sought-after cosmic disco track by one of the dudes from tangerine dream. far-out twisting outer-space acid synth with ghostly girls riding high. the guys from bumrocks put this on their new el bum comp. 

nothing else matters: lars, james and crew set off towards the sun as it disappears over the ocean.

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Dee said...

Fantastic podcast! Wandered onto your site whilst googling "Chinese Shadows" after hearing it on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space podcast, last week. The Night Plane remix of "Heartbreak" is the shit. Looking forward to more "kirlian" reworkings . . .