Friday, December 12, 2008

A.R.E. Weapons - F What You Like

I like this

A.R.E. Weapons "F What You Like" from THE FEAR on Vimeo.

I listened to their new album on itunes. It sounds like crap. But it's hard to be upset at a band like A.R.E. Weapons for putting out a crappy record, because that seems to be kind of the point. It would be kind of disingenuous if they made much of an effort to polish their material or really think twice about it. I like that once and a while they show up, put out an album that is an extended piss-take, have some trashy live shows, and then disappear. This song is decent on headphones, but for some reason along with the video it's great. It makes you want to go "yeah, right, you know, F those guys. They suck." I like the singing  and I like the part that goes "I'm not doin' it for the girls, I'm not doin' it for the boys. I'm just doin' it for the sake of the argument, just to make a little noise. " I like that they eat hot dogs, and that the singer is sneering in kind of de Niro way. The beat could be Suicide but also it sounds like "Jailhouse Rock" and you could wear bobby socks to it, a catchy, bouncy Iggy/Sid middle finger. 

PS If you are a neurotic person and have lost access to how to be happy without worrying what other people will think, dancing around to this song will be much cheaper and more effective than going to an analyst. F those guys.