Monday, December 8, 2008

Mi Ami - African Rhythms

1. Mi Ami - African Rhythms
3. Mi Ami remix of Telepathe and a cool video for it

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Like gang gang dance, mi ami are children of liquid liquid: all part of the same family tree of gritty urban drum circles. Tribed-out dub punk featuring some guys who used to be on Dischord, their out-of-print 12" African Rhythms has had new favorite jam status at AC for months now. It sounds like Fugazi jamming in King Tubby's basement. I have to say that the trend towards heavy percussion in general is a healthy one and that it should be kept up. Can you imagine ever saying about a band "they used to be good but then they started adding more percussion." "now that they have a second drummer they suck"? "I prefer their sucky gay jams to their awesome beat-heavy grooves?" 

The attentive reader will note that both RH podcasts to date have featured a Mi Ami jam. Their mix for anthem is a de facto testament to the schizo-diverse rhythmic interests played out obsessively on these very pages: hardcore from Bad Brains, voyage disco from Patrick Cowley, some DJ Screw, AND ron hardy's edit of "Peaches and Prunes," which opened my Rooftop Special mix six months ago, and which remains an incomparable learning tool for explaining the joys of deep disco to the uninitiated.  They have an intriguingly titled 12", Echononecho, out in January and a full-length in Feb.

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