Sunday, December 21, 2008

Edit Credits 2/4: First Choice

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Another one of Hardy's most massive cuts. It's also the polar opposite to the wound-tight restraint of "Peaches and Prunes." Wonder where Pilooski's wound-up re-edit rockets like that of 'Beggin' and 'Crawfish' come from? In part it's from the stunning loops, cuts and rewinds at work in Hardy's mix of "Let No Man Put Asunder." It's one of those gorgeous, passionate carpe-diem disco anthems, and when Hardy operates his magic of hypnotic repetition, it's like the aural equivalent of catching a buzzing bee in a glass jar. You can literally hear disco turn into house, men into machines. Thanks to the Beat Electric blog for posting it - Beat Electric is hands-down one of the best disco/boogie blogs out there, consistently thorough, insightful and exciting. 

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