Monday, December 22, 2008

Edit Credits: 3/4: Excellent Swoon

Excellent Swoon - Dear Scott
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Excellent Swoon sends us this from London, a re-edit of the orchestral opening from one of Scott Walker's later works. Scott, like Nico, turned his back on his role as a straight 60's pin-up and got bent sinister. His later material has been increasingly dark, hermetic and baroque, intentionally unsettling and provocative. Swoon's edit turns a zoom lense on the horror-soundtrack qualities of his orchestrations. It's also a good reminder that hey,  disco edits are fun, everybody loves extended Chic cuts, but a lot of fertile creative ground can be dug if you step off the dancefloor and go trolling for weirder targets. Guys like Pilooski and the Dirty label know this, that's why they got into edits of Frankie Valli, Elvis and other hip-shakers; the only rule in edits is that there aren't any. 

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