Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Woolfy vs. Projections - Invisible Conga People Remix

one of the tracks from this week's mix is an icp rework of a number from woolfy vs. projection's balearic opus astral projections of twilight. beardo-balearia nuggets are the new downtempo/triphop. When you're sailing in these blissful waters, remember that at all times you pass between the scylla of trip-hop and the charybdis of smooth jazz. ICP (invisible conga people, not insane clown posse. unfortunately) do right by me by keeping an even keel between relaxation and adventure, between chilled-out and weirded-out. Plus it has heavily-reverbed piano that sounds like it was stolen from 'Sister Morphine,' which always wins me over.

the secret interlocutor for this track is David Crosby. With its balearic twilight grooves and lyrics like "oh captain..am I home..1000 years later..where did I go?" it's basically an ode to David's nautical weed classic "if only i could remember my name." get up with it.

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