Tuesday, January 6, 2009

riding high podcast 1.06.09: glacial lakes

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jonathan forgang and william rauscher reconvene as glacial lakes for 2009, sending you more echoey downtempo bliss, cooked with brazilian nuts and marinaded in dub, but this time beginning with a little AM radio muscle. as is the GL tradition, the real gems here are some exclusive jams borne on the backs of smooth grooves, which take flight under a glowing moon before finally leaving you face down on the beach at sunrise. you know, we just can't help ourselves - we try to stay on the shore, but when the oceanic birds of paradise begin to call, the synth solos and echo chambers come out and it's all over. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

file under: balearic twilight, infinite smoothness, so bearded 


doobie brothers - long train runnin' (gl edit)
kongas - tattoo woman
tim buckley - sweet surrender (gl edit)
glacial lakes - deep release (south beach demo)
henrik schwartz, ame and dixon  - D.P.O.M.B. (version 2)
glacial lakes - carla
michel hoeullebecq depresses the shit out of me
edu lobo - feira de santarem
caetano veloso - canto do povo de um lugar (gl epic edit)
glacial lakes - raindance

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

as we're dealing with a lot of original material here, in lieu of track commentary, some things should be noted:

FIRST, don't bother trying to edit the doobie brothers sober. you're going to need one, maybe two brooklyn brown ales in you at least before you can even approach the doobies' wavelength. 

SECOND, if you screw up and accidentally record yourselves talking trash about contemporary european fiction while digitizing vinyl, leave it in. 

THIRD, if you're composing spacey shoreline tunes, don't restrict yourself to test-running them in your drab apartment in a frozen northeastern metropolis. in this case, jonathan personally went all the way to florida just so he could be absolutely certain that these new glacial lake jams are the real deal. he literally floated in a saltwater pool and listened to them coming out of speakers hidden in palm trees while babes walked by. scientific proof.  


soslow said...

i would've thought a "j" was in order to get on the doobie wavelength....hmm..

love the GL!

Anonymous said...

This will be played at PEX this weekend. Thank you. It is a-fucking-mazing.