Friday, January 2, 2009

dj harvey - moon shadow mixes

dj harvey - moon shadow part one
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Dj Harvey

these are the best easily-available mixes from harvey. The other recordings you can find with little difficulty are the black cock edits, which are widely credited as reviving interest in the disco edit as an art form but aren't that exceptionally rewarding as home listening, or the late night sessions, which harv oversaw during his residency at ministry of sound in the UK, but which sound like some generic jazz-lounge house. The kind of generic jazz-lounge house that reminds me of that place Radost FX that we used to eat at all the time when we studied abroad in Prague. Remember that place? It was severely euro-trash and had a faux-harem interior and great vegetarian food. They must have hated our guts except for the part where we dropped heavy USD every day. 

Radost FX, where we used to eat all the time, remember that?

Harvey's moon shadow mixes are deeply chilled-out, 3am outer-space epics. they involve smooth robots making love on the beach. They are great if you are interested in such activities as riding high, playing piano under the stars on LSD, and traveling to other planets in a cruise ship while drinking free mimosas. These mixes can easily serve to demonstrate everything important about being a good DJ. Here's the list: play good songs, play songs no one's ever heard before but are awesome, play songs in a good order. that's it.

Mollino polaroid

on a related note, I was explaining Carlo Mollino to a friend, and said that in addition to being an architect, designer, race car driver and pilot, Mollino had a home called Casa Mollino that was full of amazing furniture and artefacts, but in which he never slept, instead using it as a spot to bring prostitutes which he then photographed in highly elaborate and visually stunning polaroids. My friend remarked, "yes, a masturbatorium. this is what all men, consciously or not, are striving for." I said that one of my musical goals was to provide the imaginary soundtrack to Carlo's Casa - consider these mixes as Harvey's unknowing contribution. Oh, and go see him at his regular gig at Love in Greenwich Village. 
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There's no complete tracklisting for either mix. If you look on DJHistory you see some partial reconstructions at best. I'll help out with this: the last track on mix one is...Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, the best song ever made.

thanks to simply good music for posting these.

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matt said...

Granted, all of this music talk is completely subjective and at best, total bullshit...and I am deffo not saying that the Late Night Sessions is some amazing mix (even thought personally, i really enjoy it)...but "generic jazz-lounge house" it certainly is not. This is a far cry from Naked Music Volume 54, or Buddha Bar or whatever they are on now...way more tripped out. I think you should revisit the Late Night Sessions mix, your description doesn't seem close.

William said...
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William said...

yeah, but the subjectivity of music talk is bullshit only when it makes pretenses to objectivity. enjoying music is one of the most subjective experiences there is, and kind of my M.O. behind having a blog like this is to ramp up the subjectivity in talking about it, not eliminate or gloss over it. when you say my description doesn't seem close, that you're opinion masked as fact. in contrast, the descriptions on this site are intended to be wildly, flailingly subjective. if I've failed here then, it's actually by not injecting -enough- opinion. being a critic and acting as a cultural museum guide is all well and good, I do that myself elsewhere. I think it's pretty clear that I ride for Harvey and have tremendous respect for his work, but AC is my personal cosmos, and if I feel like it I can call 'late night sessions' whatever the fuck I want.

Anonymous said...

Whats the password for these files please.