Thursday, January 15, 2009

telepathe - drugged

////telepathe - drugged

Telepathe are a brooklyn duo whose new album Dance Mother is produced by Dave Sitek, so it has that glowing electro-shoegaze vibe on it. I know this might sound uncharacteristic of me, but it turns out that the jam on Dance Mother that I ride for is called 'drugged.' Now, the whole record is real solid but alot doesn't strike at my core because it's skittery. There's a lot of skitting and shifting going on. It doesn't surprise me that the jam here that's most focused is also the most narcotized. 

'Drugged' has trippy, heavenly melodies and that sort of divinely altered feeling that comes when you're out of your mind, and sensations seem to be beaming in through your midnight window from a distant psychic satellite, the kind that you can only hear on very special occasions but which is always raining truth down around us. The song also has dirty-south type beats because apparently these girls like Hot 97 and stuff. 

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