Monday, January 19, 2009


Circlesquare - Dancers

Circlesquare's new album is called Songs About Dancing and Drugs.  It has that moody handmade electronic vibe, half techno half rock, that you find on Colder or Thomas Brinkmann's last album When Horses Die. Call it bedroom Joy Division.  It's excellent if you like shadowy synthetic sounds but also Leonard Cohen. The song 'Dancers' is my jam. There's a number of album tracks where the lyrics are positive but they're weirdly undercut by minor-key chords and deadpan when you hear "now we're all dancers.." it sounds oddly alienated. 

The key word in the title actually is 'about', it's all about the about. It's not songs for dancing and drugs, but about them. The whole record feels like you went out clubbing and partying and there was a big rush of sensations and you stayed out very very late and all your friends went home, and now you're back at your laptop with a midi board, and maybe the sun is coming up, and you should drink some water, and all the loud pulsing sounds, with firebomb bass and siren swirl, are still echoing somewhere in the back of your skull.

here's a mix from Circlesquare as well, more downtempo gothic beats for your solo trek home through the neon wilderness.

Circlesquare- "Super Late Night Music For People In The Dark" DJ Mix
This Mortal Coil- Thais II (excerpt)
Glass Candy- Lovin Machine
This Mortal Coil- Thais II (excerpt)
October- Doxa
Circlesquare- Dancers (Konrad Black Remix)
This Mortal Coil- Thais II (excerpt)
Jefferson Airplane- Lather
Aphex Twin- Mookid
The 6ths- The Sailor In Love With The Sea
Circlesquare- Ten To One
Tones On Tail- Rain
Matias Aguavo- De Papel
October- Listen, Move, Dance
David Bowie- Up The Hill Backwards
This Mortal Coil- Thais II (excerpt)
Circlesquare- Music For Satellites
This Mortal Coil- Thais II (excerpt)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I like more: your mixes or your way of writing "about" music. Just reading your thoughts on Circlesquare makes me wanna go out and engage in some (alienated) dancing. Thanks!

chris keys said...

another fantastic looking mix, going to have to download it also.. :)