Sunday, April 26, 2009

load up on guns, bring your friends

peter gabriel - games without frontiers

in the title track to his first solo album, peter makes it clear that if there is a distinct line between the unbridled violence of child play and the terrors of real war, he doesn't know where it is. Great edgy white-boy stiff electronic funk and sonic trickery make this a fantastic futuristic pop single, and an edit-ready jewel, key insight into peter's work prior to his outsized 80s mtv ubiquity.

the literary equivalent to this song is obviously ender's game by orson scott card.

the cinematic equivalent to this song is obviously wargames starring matthew broderick.

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Anonymous said...

actually games is from his 3rd solo album... however they were all titled "peter gabriel".. nonetheless always a fantastic track. listen close for kate bush singing the background vox. great blog btw!