Sunday, April 5, 2009

grooveshark / goodbye horses

Roth showed me this. neither of us understand how it works. Grooveshark is like a web-based itunes. Somehow it has every song, and you can access them all instantly, with a nice little menu set-up, no frills. It's like imeem except way easier to use. I have no idea if it's just finding the songs online and playing them, or if they're stored somewhere or what. You should use it, it's nuts. Then you can make a widget and bother people with it.

As an example here are several synth-pop gems that have enjoyed deep repeat status with me lately, the choice cut being here "goodbye horses" by q. lazzarus, a one-off jewel recorded for the silence of the lambs movie but inexplicably not on the soundtrack. Super-catchy and haunting, it bears that characteristic lovelorn passion that inflects the best of mopey 80s dance jams, the sort that seem to surface in early April, when the 'cruellest month' first casts traces of its melancholic spirit like pollen in the air. While the vocal may sound like a male, Q. Lazzarus is actually a husky-voiced woman, giving the track an interesting gender-bender quality that parallels its role in the movie, when it serves as the signature tune for trannie killer Buffalo Bill's mangina dance. Included on the playlist are other songs you probably know already but it'd be nice to hear them once more, wouldn't it? Especially "West End Girls." On that note, here's the Lambs clip, as well as one of my favorite Flight of the Conchords clip, their brilliant homage to "West End Girls" entitled "Inner City Pressure."


Colin said...

I think spotify does something similar to grooveshark. Grooveshark looks possibly simpler and better.

No idea either how they work.

Nice one on the q. lazzarus, what a find.

gamalia said...

grooveshark is very simpler if we have practice and this explains grooevshark clearly .pls keep sharing

nachelle said...

grooevshark is easier if u read this