Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a mountain of one - sky is folding

a mountain of one is a UK duo, and absolutely one of the standout acts in the cosmic disco resurgence. Chalk their hype up to unerring style, diverse influences, and artistic originality. Like delia & gavin, AMOO are black disco magickists, Crowleyite synth-lords, Golden Dawn analog acolytes. News of their forthcoming album is a godsend, indeed. Check out the first track on their myspace, it sounds like Beausoleil's Lucifer Rising soundtrack, for real. Seems that their dark energies also skew towards candlelit goth-folk, "sky is folding" sounds like mellow Bauhaus and the forthcoming lp also includes a cover of leonard cohen's "who by fire." 'Can't be serious' is one of the stunning tracks that first put them on the map.

a mountain of one - sky is folding (from the forthcoming institute of joy lp) 
a mountain of one - can't be serious (from collected works)

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