Saturday, April 18, 2009


grauzone - eisbaer

"ich moechte ein eisbaer sein... / eisbaere muessen nie weinen." (I'd like to be a polar bear..polar bears must never cry.")

grauzone is a swiss post-punk/electronic group from the early 80s, prime material from the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) scene, essentially the Deutsch incarnation of icey, metallic-inhuman electronic rock. "Eisbaer" was their most commercially successful effort, in which the singer longs for a Knutian transformation, not out of devotion to face-melting cuteness, but so that he can never cry again. It also sounds way better in German, natuerlich. "Ice Bear" being clearly more intimidating than "Polar Bear." The rest of grauzone's material is consistently shadowy, noisy and sonically inventive. For further research:

1. Moskau
2. Ein Tanz Mit Dem Tod
3. Ich Lieb Sie
4. Film 1
5. Film 2
6. Schlachtet!
7. Hinter Den Bergen
8. Maikäfer Flieg
9. Marmelade Und Himbeeries
10. Marmelade Und Himbeeries (Part Two)
11. Wütendes Glas (LP Version)
12. Kälte Kriecht
13. Kunstgewerbe
14. Der Weg Zu Zweit
15. In Der Nacht
16. Eisbär
17. Raum
18. Träume Mit Mir
19. Wütendes Glas (Single Version)

Tracks 1-4 taken from Moskau EP recorded November and December 1981
Tracks 5-15 taken from Grauzone LP recorded July & August 1981
Tracks 16-17 taken from Eisbär single recorded 1981
Tracks 18-19 taken from Träume Mit Mir single recorded 1982

special thanks to gute luft for the compilation efforts.

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