Saturday, October 11, 2008

Podcast: The Raw and the Crooked Vol. 4

"Here we go again with some more squeals, shrieks and shatters from the mix series that's three parts evil, one part good old fashioned smiles and moonbeams.  Two points if you email me back with the record I jacked for this month's cover.  Enjoy."

DJ Still Life- The Raw & The Crooked 004
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"And if that's not enough audio for you, this week I'll be rocking out with the homie $mall ¢hange on his super official Big Cover Up show on East Village Radio.  If you're not up on EVR, it's time to get acquainted.  Enough interesting music to tow you through back to back office shifts and they just brought Devin The Dude and Boris out to rock in NYC for free, so that's how they roll.  And if you don't know $¢, you're clearly not going to the right parties.  Listen live at Wednesday 10/1 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM NYC, and you can check the steez (and podcast the show) here."

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