Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cry of the Lonely / Night Plane Edit

A forgotten Chicago r&b/house jam produced by "Silk" Hurley in 1987. JM Silk's bigger hit was a cover of "I Can't Turn Around" by Isaac Hayes, and like Hayes' version was repped by Ron Hardy at the Music Box. As the cover would indicate, this is definitely on the flat tops & fades end of the house spectrum. With a longer instrumental intro, extra dubby handclaps and chunky snare, The House of Trix mix could be a New Order song being performed by impassioned brothas. Nice fat analog bass and echoey, pitchshifted vocal samples.

For your additional exclusive pleasure, may we recommend a special extra-languid Night Plane re-edit, which is based on the "Dub-House" mix being played at -10. Recommended for fans of DJ Screw, Rub-n-Tug, and dance music for cough syrup addicts. May we in general recommend the "dub-house" mix of anything, preferably pitched -6 to -10 and served with craig and sazerac rye. 

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