Friday, October 10, 2008

A.C. Critical Commentary

I is a graduate student. I has to read many difficult books with titles that involve colons. In academia, the madlibs formula for a book or paper title is: "Snarky Pop Culture Phrase: Big Word, Big Word and Big Word in the Obscure Reference."

One way to reduce the painstaking, infinite workload of studium is secondary sources. Commentaries and books about books are useful because you are relieved of the burden of deriving your own conclusions about a text. Occasionally, however, one finds that because of a thinker's particularly hermetic discursive style, for example in the case of Martin Heidegger, that the majority of commentaries consist in merely re-arranging predicates and subjects of various sentences, in quasi-madlib style, for several hundred pages.

Martin chillaxing

The reader of AC should now be grateful that a close associate of mine, as well as blog-title inspiration, has set up a meta-blog in order to critical engage and comment on the dense superabundance of rare insight and wisdom so regularly dispensed with on these pages - consider yourself relieved of the need to think for yourself.

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