Monday, October 20, 2008

Dylan's Gospel

The Dylan's Gospel album was a fundraiser for a church choir in LA, the Los Angeles Gospel Choir, if you want to be precise, and you do. 

Now play this and lay your good burden down, son.

Liner notes:

"The top background singers in Los Angeles are the finest in the world. They usually sing in groups of  3, 4 or 5, but for this album, they are all here together (except for a few who were in Las Vegas, but they will be here next time the Brothers and Sisters meet).

This album happened not only because of the smiles, laughs and hand-clapping of everyone during the playbacks, not only because of the party atmosphere that prevailed (the food sent in, the drinks sent in. etc...) not only because the people did not leave after the session but stayed to hear and discuss the things already recorded.  Not only because Armin Steiner, the Engineer, spent a week thinking about the studio setup, placement of singers and microphones, etc... not only because there were more people singing than had been contracted (cousins, mothers, boy-friends, etc...).  These were just some of the reasons, the others were...

Gene Page arranged.  His brother helped, his sister contracted the fine musicians.  Gene's mother and father came to hear; Carole King came to hear; Peggy Lipton came to hear and be near; John Phillips came to hear (and no one hears like John Phillips hears); Spirit came to hear; Tom Wilkes who did the cover with Barry Feinstein was there to listen and watch.  So, they were all there, engineers, arrangers, conductors, watchers, listeners and singers and it happened.  But what made it all happen?  The songs of Bob Dylan.  But he has made a lot of things happen, hasn't he!

The album was produced and directed by Lou Adler at Sound Recorders in Hollywood, California." 

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