Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ninjasonik "Tight Pants"

If it is the case that the comment posted anonymously below is the result of some kind of mildly beleaguered indignation, as is often so with expressions like 'come on, guys', we would like to point out that the preceding video is not only wholly within the general editorial spirit of this blog, it also directly forms an aesthetic triangle with two videos previously featured here, Wiz Khalifa's 'Say Yeah' and Hot-tub Johnny's 'Let Me Tell You'. With the first it shares an opening up of hip-hop to the rhythmic forms and structures of electronic dance music, which is arguably really going back to re-ignite potentials that were present between electronic music and hip-hop at the latter's historical inception (see our post on the Beat classic compilation), and with the second it shares the reduction of vocals to absurdist, minimal chanting. If hot-tub johnny were a rapper, he would be Ninjasonik. If Wiz Khalifa plays a show in NYC, Ninjasonik should open.

Plus he wears tight white pants, which is very Weekend Prince/Casual Pansy. This is like a summertime Bushwick rooftop Caspan jam.



yeah and like, what about 'Watch my Feet' by Dude n' Nem?' that's a good point.


Anonymous said...

c'mon guys.

Alex B said...

I wish that there was some way to include "Watch My Feet" into your editorial. Could you try to rework it in somehow?