Friday, March 14, 2008

The Red Cross for Melting Faces

Cosmic Brooklyn's Religious Knives

There are two kinds of ethics - there are the guidelines and principles that accompany you throughout day, and form the implicit horizon for judging acts of right and wrong: for example, no matter how much you might want to stick a letter opener into the meaty neck of the crowd control manager at the New Jersey hotel casino where you're staying, not because of the tumultuous scene that would ensue, or because of a belief in the absolute sanctity of life, (a principle which is usually easy to uphold but on shaky ground when it comes to New Jersey hotel casino managers), you refrain because it would certainly mean that your friends would be cheated of a long night of slowly losing all their money at organized gambling.
The other kind of ethics is the kind that finds its prime 20th-century formulation in Heidegger's Being and Time: the ethics of the call. The injunction which strikes you like lightning, out of nowhere, seemingly sent from no one, but which you have the utmost existential duty to follow. The call has a number of religious/missionary overtones. Sometimes you spend years waiting on the other end of the line, waiting for the phone to ring, to hear the call.
Our friends in Religious Knives were recently disturbed to their ethical cores to hear of the near-disastrous lack of face-melting that is currently scourging the West Coast, and have organized a tour in hopes of remedying this. Faces are going around, running errands, hanging around in shopping malls, paying money to see movies starring Gena Davis, and all the while they remain tragically un-melted. See RK on these dates and support their efforts to sonically force flesh to deliquesce from the skull.

3.15.08 - Monstersorri House - Seattle, Washington*

3.16.08 - The Artistery - Portland, Oregon*
3.17.08 - House Show - Arcata, California*
3.18.08 - Luna’s Cafe - Sacramento, California*
3.19.08 - The Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, California*
3.20.08 - The Terminal - Oakland, California
3.21.08 - The Smell - Los Angeles, California
3.22.08 - Echo Curio - Los Angeles, California

*With Ex-Cocaine

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