Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rye Rye: Shake It To The Ground

c'mon guys.

(courtesy Acknowledged Klassic Rap Correspondent, T'aja)

William says:
joyous. and another small step for euro-trance rap.
but wtf, did they forget to finish the song? Seriously, I'm sort of taken aback by how minimal this is. Remember that part in Pootie Tang where the title character is cutting his hit rap single in the studio, and he turns the beat all the way down and the vocals off, and releases the rap equivalent of John Cage's 4'33"? This is getting there. For real, what's the acappella version of the track supposed to be, the same thing? Sheeet.


Cage's score for 4'33". Go here for more on the composer's most notorious piece.

In essence, it should be said that if you ever have to explain to foreigners what 'poppin' is, it's this song, this singing, and these bodies moving around in that way. That's it, sorry. 'Poppin' has now reached its ideal Platonic expression, so you are going to have think up something new for your rap video. Also, maybe best backing vocals ever. what..what...what... AC rides for half-out of it sounding backing vocals, they pretty much seal the deal on any track.


To return to the emphasis on the song's extreme reductive style (to the point where there's hardly any music to speak of, except for the random euro-synths at the end), let's consider for a moment Soren Kierkegaard's writing on minimal beats, from his essay, The Rotation Method:

"..the principle of limitation, the only saving principle in the world. The more you limit yourself, the more fertile you become in invention. A prisoner in solitary confinement for life becomes very inventive, and a spider may furnish him with much entertainment. One need only hark back to one's schooldays, when aesthetic considerations were ignored in the choice of one's instructors, who were consequently very tiresome: how fertile in invention did not one prove to be!...How entertaining sometimes to listen to the monotonous drip of water from the roof! How close an observer does not one become under such circumstances, when not the least noise nor movement escapes one's attention! Here we have the extreme application of the method which seeks to achieve results intensively, not extensively."

There you are, a dominant artistic strategy both in much of 20th experimental and electronic music, not to mention Rye-Rye and NinjaSonik, right from Soren.

For more on the rotation method, go here

PS: AC wants to acknowledge that if you look up 'beardo disco' in google blog search, we are number one. BOO YA.


Niger Please said...

This is what T'aja looks like when Bret is asleep and she takes her white skin off.

Johannes Climacus said...

did you notice it takes place in Baltimore? that reminds me, it's too bad The Wire never made more use of B'more club. or is that some season 5 shit I haven't seen yet?

Rahoul said...

Hmm. That Rye Rye is kinda good. I want more.