Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guide to AC Radio: March Edition

The inaugural March edition of AC radio is curated by me.

1. Thief at your Window - Endless Grift
Recorded last April at Explosion Robinson, a basement studio on Grand Street in Brooklyn whose name was adopted by the urban clothing store which had previously occupied the space. Engineering and guitars: Darian Zahedi.

2. You May Be Blue (Neighbors Remix) - Vetiver

Topanga folkie Vetiver refits his own track from the album 'To Find Me Gone', turning the dark folk-rock number into a very Superpitcher/Kompakt-like brooding minimal-techno stomper.

3. Space Disco - Universal Robot Band

Eleven minute epic track that is a very strong blueprint for the now-resurgent 'space disco' style: short on chic/village people/bee gees disco decorations, long on hairy tribal weirdness. Sounds a bit like that 'Cloud One' record if it achieved lysergic velocity.

4. Train (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Goldfrapp

5. Once Upon a Time - The Heliocentrics
Belongs in consideration with the DJ-Shadow playing high school band and the Hypnotic Music Ensemble. It seems that live bands have figured out how to play like Entroducing and are ready to start killing shit.

6. Idle Hands - Harlem River Drive

Jonathan sent us this, a burning latin funk album lead by Eddie Palmieri. This is the deepest, most muscular track. The kind of intense music that will temporarily erase your memory and make you forget you have other songs you could be listening to.

7. Track 5 - Ulaan Khol

Stephen R. Smith's new solo record, very recommended if you are pleasantly susceptible to soaring guitar squalls and other types of mesmerizing sonic excess.

8. National Anthem to the Moon - Bruce Haack

From 'Electric Lucifer'. Deeply eccentric outsider-art moogness from the same camp as White Noise, American Metaphysical Circus, etc.

9. Snakedriver - Jesus and Mary Chain

From the Crow soundtrack! You know what, as a matter of fact, I want you to go listen to that whole record right now.

10. Anambra - Ozo

Renowned for being one of the close-out tracks at NY disco impresario David Mancuso's legendary loft parties. Not even really a disco track at all, just deep spiritual beats from no country.

11. Effective Placebo Effect - In Flagranti

12. Hung from the Moon - Earth
13. Super Inuit - Holy Fuck

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