Sunday, July 26, 2009

night plane promo mix

fleetwood mac - world turning (night plane edit)
marianne faithful - broken english (baron von luxxury slow touch remix)
jackpot - ragazza
chicken lips - feast of freeks (steve kotey tape edit)
holger hiller - das feuer (pilooski edit)
the detachments - circles (night plane remix)
voyage - point zero
african suite - in the pocket
supermax - african blood
edwin birdsong - lollipop (kai alce edit)
azymuth - may I have this dance
cosmo vitelli - frydman
moolah - crystal waters

"Chinese Shadows" is out on Thisisnotanexit in August.

night plane on myspace

a special advance promo mix for my Chinese Shadows EP coming out very soon! Featuring an exclusive edit of one of my favorite Fleetwood tracks, "World Turning" from their self-titled album, the first featuring the Buckingham/Nicks lineup. One of my big aims with Night Plane is to cross-wire electronic disco with dark seventies rock - the song "Chinese Shadows" is influenced a great deal by strung-out burners like "Sister Morphine" by The Rolling Stones and "I'm So Afraid," also on the Fleetwood s/t. This mix gets you into some more italo-sinisterisms before absconding from European spy-intrigues for the mysteries of sun-bathed Africa. Look for "Chinese Shadows" on the excellent British label Thisisnotanexit sometime next month!


bcr said...

looks to be a fantastic mix!

bcr said...

scratch that. IS a fantastic mix!