Thursday, July 9, 2009

belgian new beat

a split second - flesh (slow remix)

A brief sub-genre of dance music, New Beat supposedly started in Ghent in 1988 when someone played A Split Second's 'Flesh' at 33 rpm instead of 45. The Boccaccio was the famous ground zero for New Beat, "the Panorama Bar of its day." Playing Wax Trax records slowed down does sound like cosmic industrial music, or metal-machine Baldelli. Or some skynet terminators marching through Houston, lubed up on syrup. Dark, druggy, sweaty and robotic. sun papa 3000's latest mix tells you all you need to know - as a certain mr. lench is fond of remarking, keep it slow.

for further research here's a repost of a fantastic new beat comp, one of my favorites:

and then go buy optimo's edits of some new beat classics: boccaccio four - sonic assassins

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