Sunday, June 28, 2009

ricardo villalobos y los updates - baile

who else but ricardo can make a song so utterly weird and catchy at the same time? A simple electro 808 rumble, some minimal flicker, and a highly goofy vocal from los updates. You know what? there is no latin sci-fi. Shouldn't there be? There's white sci-fi and a black sci-fi underground, Samuel Delany and Sun-Ra and Newcleus and that. What's the latin sci-fi? "Baile" makes me feel like I'm at a karaoke bar at the 3am on the dark side of the moon, in an Espanol version of the not-too-distant future. Like PKD with a sombrero.

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RapaNui said...

Villalobos Baile with unofficial video vintage: