Sunday, June 14, 2009

cosmic boxer

jack miller and the cosmic boxer

bill fay - cosmic boxer

There behind Jack's head, on the wall in fanelli's in soho is a picture of cuban welterweight champ kid gavilan getting slugged hard in the jaw, here caught by the camera's eye in a stream of hanging lights: the cosmic boxer. taken from the album Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Bill Fay's "Cosmic Boxer" sounds less like the hairy, visionary folk-rock you'll find on his eschatological concept record Time of the Last Persecution, and more like an eery precursor to Phil Collins-era Genesis. Check it and see for yourself: airy synthesizers, melodramatic singing with a distinct Phil-like vibe, avant-weird drum rolls. A brief existential allegory: the one who boxes in a cosmic ring, alone, for eternity, caught in a duel with himself, slugging it out for an escape. All Fay's albums are recommended, full of those sorts of imperfect dusty little gems that earn a listener's affection.

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