Friday, June 12, 2009

let's go to brasilia

let's go to brasilia - ray mang edit

More brazilian-disco edit heat, a playful uptempo romp by master ray mang, cribbed from the Le Disco: Tele Music Remixed comp assembled by the wizened sages of DJ History - edits not of Paradise/Loft classics but French 70s library tunes, all released for the first time.

As every schoolchild knows, the capital of Brazil was built from the ground up over a four year period, 1956-1960, by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, following the Athens Charter of 1933 virtually to the letter. Something of a manifesto for modern urban planning, the Charter lays out principles for zoning, the separation of districts, and architecture according to rational design. Niemeyer's much lauded and criticized talent for sculpting concrete is on full display in Brasilia, as well as the United Nations headquarters in new York. 

an architectural jewel, Brasilia bears all the glories and shortcomings of the modern project. Like Eero Saarinen's Terminal 5 at JFK, Brasilia is an architectural endeavor that became obsolete soon after its completion. Actually in Saarinen's case, T5 was actually obsolete before it opened, thanks to the invention of the jet-engine during the time of its construction. Thanks to rapid population expansion, the effectiveness of Brasilia's design was quickly put to the test, requiring a great deal of redesign to accommodate the vicissitudes of historical development. Much like an old disco track needs some tweaking here and there so that it can once again resonate in the drum of a contemporary ear. 

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