Thursday, March 19, 2009

summer 2009: william devaughn

william devaughn - be thankful for what you got

it is never too early to get your summer jams lined up. what says summer 2009 more than than the blissful low-slung gangsta beach disco of william devaughn, as he sings about not worrying about your bank account, material things, and stacking paper, and instead advises temperance and religious gratitude for the things in this world? 

and I thought george maccrae had smooth, sunkissed funk done dead on lock. william also sings "digging the scene with a gangsta lean" which sounds great in his curtis mayfield-style falsetto. 
I've this song on deep repeat for two days. It's just so gorgeously smooth and full of sunlight, it makes me want to have a rooftop barbeque. which is not a compliment I hand out lightly.

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