Wednesday, March 11, 2009

psychedelic gatherings

cheval fou - la fin de la vie, le debut de la survivance (removed)

pop levi - blue honey

1. "The Harmonic Convergence is the term applied to a worldwide esoteric-religious event which occurred August 16 and 17, 1987. The event was centered around numerous sacred places throughout the world from Stonehenge to the Golden Gate Bridge where individuals, many referring to themselves as "light beings", gathered to usher in a new age." [props 2 soph]

2. Dirty French Psychedelics is a new compilation by Paris' Dirty label, known for their edits of Frankie Valli, Elvis Presley, et al.

"On paper, “Dirty French Psychedelics” is a compilation for classic rock radio with names our parents would recognize. In reality, it is a hallucinated voyage through the land of French pop psychedelics to be listened to in one sitting, eyes half-open in the heat of the summer of 2009. Certain experts will tell you that Bernard Lavilliers or Brigitte Fontaine are not psychedelic, and they are probably right. Who cares? May the experts go back to counting their CDs. Psychedelics is a notion too precious and subjective to be imprisoned by such stylistic formatting; psychedelics are about perception, not “controlled appellations of origin."

the cheval fou track is one of the numerous highlights from this psychedelic gathering - a 12-minute minimal-afro-kraut epic, visionary remnant from a lost world.

3. Techno pioneers Amorphous Androgynous, aka Future Sound of London (FSOL) present this two-disc compilation of acid folk and heavy psych, hairy thunder and tingling lightning. Starts with Donovan, includes AC faves Betty Davis and "Rated X" by Miles Davis. "Blue Honey" by Pop Levi is a deep-clap head-nodder with Zep muscle and electric gristle.

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