Sunday, March 22, 2009

some velvet morning

Lee rides a black horse on the beach, the hard-drinking predecessor to Wesley from The Princess Bride, in the clip for this haunting ballad. Who is Phaedra? a mystical hippie imp? Nature herself? Spiritual godmother to the Harmonic Convergence?

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Harry said...

Lee is possibly referencing Greek mythology. Phaedra killed herself after accusing her stepson Hippolytus of rape.

Greek- Phaedra ; Beautiful, the bright, the shiney one. (sounds a lot like Nancy)

Also, on CoasttoCoastAM with George Noory in an interview in 2002 Nancy said the song is about a planet (X) that aligns with either the sun or earth. A force of energy will create a shift. Flowers have always been doors (vortex) of energy.