Sunday, February 1, 2009

wolf + lamb

Wolf + Lamb are a Brooklyn-based musical duo and label. They especialize in moody, sexy, low-bpm house, like slinky, candelit-cocktail booty-movers. This isn't easy to do because if you set your sonic sights on such a target you can go south into euro-lounge hell real damn quick. Seth Troxler is a musician. Sometimes he has songs on Wolf + Lamb. His 2008 jam "Love Never Sleeps" had a no-contest top 5 slot for me from last year. Troxler's all Wolf + Lamb podcast is extremely good: like whoa. My only compliant is that some of the tracks contained therein are unreleased: WTF. The Wolf + Lamb team also took a totally run-down space near the BQE and turned into their own private musical party universe experience place called the marcy hotel. The website makes it look like it's an actual hotel but I suspect this is not true. Anyway there's a party there late sunday feb 15th.

Oh and PS W+L likes to perform at burning man, for which they have their own futuristic buckminister fuller-style polygonal tent constructed. I'm disappointed they don't sell scaled-down versions at their online store.

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