Tuesday, February 17, 2009

songs from the crystalarium: elaste vol 1.

elaste vol 1. - slow motion disco
1. Electric Fling - Rah Band 
2. Mystery Man - Stevens, Clive & Brainchild

3. Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk) - Love International
4. Crash - Doctor's Cat
5. I'm Your Money - Heaven 17
6. Clash (Chinjyu Of Sun) - Logic System 
7. Basic - MC1
8. Oriental - Peru (1)
9. Horizons - Eloy
10. This Is Me - Chris & Cosey
11. Pop - Chocolate Star

subtitled "originals from the cosmic era," this comp collects tunes played at the Discoteca Cosmic in Italy in the early 80s. DJ Mooner gathers trippy chugging delights, a real eye-opener into the netherworld of psychedelic dancefloor oddities. Changed my whole perspective.
had a blast working with soph & lisa on the vc show, not hard to do when you have the chance to join in on a great idea with two inventive open-minders. As might be gathered from the collection's title, the crystalarium had upbeat, twinkingly ethereality in its heart, new age with low end, so I knew going cosmic would not disappoint.  Plus marisa made a triangular prism filled with shattered, light-refracting CD shards, which looked like something that Superman would have in his living room in the fortress of solitude. 'Horizons' by Eloy, first heard by me on this comp, was a favorite, a splendorous dubby-disco one-off by a random German prog-rock band, with incantatory hippie girl vocals and deep reverb snare-splashes. 

marisa's prism

superman's fortress

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