Tuesday, February 17, 2009

vena cava crystalarium playlist

vena cava fall 2009 collection: the crystalarium

music curated by gem hunter
andreas vollenweider, “caverna magica”
amorphous androgynous, “mountain goat”
brian eno, “golden hours”
throbbing gristle, “20 jazz funk greats”
der zyklus, “quasar”
cocteau twins, “beatrix”
kate bush, “the dreaming”

gang gang dance, "bebey"
andy summers and robert fripp, “bewitched”
etienne daho, “arnold layne”
a mountain of one, “can’t be serious”
eloy, “horizons”
oppenheimer analysis, “radiance”
chris & cosey, "walking through heaven"
holger hiller, “das feuer (pilooski edit)”
cerrone, “supernature”
delia gonzalez & gavin russom, “black spring”
tangerine dream, “thru metamorphic rock”
jean-michel jarre, “oxygene part 3”
vangelis, “heaven and hell, Part 1”
claire hamill, “sleep”

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