Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Serge Santiago / Patrick Cowley

Another italo-disco meltdown from Serge Santiago, courtesy of XLR8R


01 Intro
02 Boytronic "Bryllyant"
03 Ruede Hagelstein "The Modest Theme"
04 Kebekelektrik "Journey into Love (Disco Mix)"
05 Patrick Cowley "Mindwarp"
06 Rinder & Lewis "Wiles and the Hand Jive (Serge Santiago Edit)"
07 Droid "The Force (Serge Santiago Mix)"
08 Boo Williams "Snare Tappin"
09 Kebekelektrik "War Dance"
10 Mr. Flagio "Take a Chance"
11 Ray Connection "Replay (Hampus Drake Edit)"

- - - - - - - - 

Patrick Cowley - Mindwarp (Remix)

Serge's mix contains a track I've been meaning to post for a while - the title jam to Patrick Cowley's third and final record Mind Warp (1982). Cowley is one of the visioniary producers of disco - he was reponsible for the 15 min+ extended mix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" which remains one of the cornerstones of electronic dance beats.  Cowley passed away from AIDS complications at the age of 32, and this album, recorded near the end of his life, supposedly reflects an increasing sense of detachment, alienation and delirium that Cowley felt in his condition. I provide here the album's remix version, which is very trippy electronic disco, and features a really fantastic use of Casio dog barks. 



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