Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fleetwood Mac Special

Mick Fleetwood - Cassiopeia Surrender

Mick Fleetwood - The Visitor

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At AC, every day is Fleetwood day. 

Two jams from Mick's forgotten 1981 solo record, The Visitor, which finds him deep in Ghana in a kind of kitschy Ginger Baker-impersonation. Ooh, look, African children! Bizarrely, while he enlists a small army of indigenous musicians to help him, the record is by and large schizo-split between 70s blues rock on one hand and tribal tunes on the other - they rarely come together in "Graceland" style unity. " I bought this at Kim's, priced for five bucks and marked down another 40%. Some standouts: Cassiopeia" is a pretty solid, minor-key low-slung groover, with cool metallic percussion and that dark decadent vibe that always gets me hyped about the Mac. "The Visitor" is tribal excursion, pretty cool especially for the wild Prophet 5 Synthesizer basslines..

And then, a special re-edit of the Rumors classic that I picked up on 7" at Phonica. Would you blame me if I played this for an hour or so tonight? 

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