Saturday, August 15, 2009

mathias aguayo - walter neff

mathias aguayo - walter neff (from Kompakt Total 10)

another brilliant avant-pop dance track from aguayo, who as one-half of Closer Musik gave Kompakt some of its most original, creative releases. Aguayo has his hands and head in electronic dance music but his heart and spirit are fuelled by a savant sense for unknown pop pleasures, goofy and totally spot on at the same time, he's like a South American Arthur Russell. One of his more recent songs, "Minimal," skewered the stripped-down serious pretense of the subgenre, but it's clear that aguayo is no armchair critic, content to tear down something that he himself cannot improve on. One way out of minimal techno was into the luxuriant but essentially nostalgic grooves of deep house, another way is what aguayo along with villalobos, jamie jones and others are tuned into, a kind of mind-bending future pop radio music that doesn't exist yet. exciting stuff.

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