Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hungry for the power

azari & III - hungry for the power

a serious burner, an infectious, brazen, retro-style house anthem on Cosmo Vitelli's lauded I'm a Cliche label, a classic Chicago track that never was but should have been. Canadians azari & III present you a track that is quite literally, to follow Deleuze, a desiring machine: it churns and grinds and piston-pumps towards an unreachable target of lust: "I'm crazy for your love...but your love is not enough...I'm hungry for the power!"

in this way it's a dance song about dance songs, which are always about making you hungry for the power, inducing desire in you for something inherently sexual but not reducible to purely sexual terms, that obscure object of desire. Get on and ride.

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