Wednesday, May 20, 2009

uptown beats

this saturday night at the MoMA, Gavin Russom, DFA's analog-synth wizard, performs as Black Meteoric Star with visuals by assume vivid astro focus. looks...ravey. Russom's last outing, Days of Mars together with Delia Gonzalez, is one of DFA's greatest and weirdest releases, so hope rides on the BMS, which has a debut release on june 9th. 

Black Meteoric Star on Beats in Space - live performance and DJ set

it also completes a neat threesome of uptown techno: 

1. manuel goettsching performing e2-e4 at lincoln center
2. terry riley doing in c at carnegie (yes in c counts as techno)
3. acid rave at the moma

and don't forget Jori Hulkkonen's touching, unintentionally hilarious acid symphony

now put an 808 in the met and we're done.

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