Friday, May 1, 2009

time warp

couch house rhythm section - timewarp
couch house rhythm section - no such thing

early 80s gems by eddie "electric avenue" grant, coach house being the name of his recording studio. timewarp is a weirdo disco classic, no such thing a slice of deep jazz-funk.
Schopenhauer describes a time warp of wisdom when he writes that "a man of correct insight among those who are deluded and duped resembles one whose watch is right while all the clocks in town give the wrong time. He alone knows the correct time, but what use is it to him? The whole world is guided by the clocks that show the wrong time, even those are so guided who know that his watch alone states the correct time."

Schopenhauer's analogy loses it force if we imagine this correct time is also a clock time, and that it simply cycles through the hours in the same way that the other (wrong) clocks in town do. The time that the man of correct insight knows is the time of declaration, the time of announcement, the time of things coming to pass. - in the sense of "it's time for bed." "it's time for a change." "it's time to go." This man knows, as we say, what time it is, that is, he knows what's up. He knows what the time calls for, what is needed, what has reached fruition. Seen in this way, insight is not a parallel dimension to delusion, always out of sync at the exact same distance, it is found rather as a response to each particular time, the way a doctor responds to the symptoms of each patient in kind.

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