Monday, August 25, 2008


or, The Singular Pleasure of a Lost Diamond

Fox - The Juggler
Fox - Pisces' Babies

During a recent short-film jaunt to Finland, a friend turned up a copy of this 70s British rock LP in a used record store, the cover alone being reason for its purchase. After finding the album satisfying to listen to as well, she went to ebay for a second, so that when I surfaced in London after a woolly week of mountain glory, this find became mine, in a return gesture for some vinyl treats procured some time before. A surprise and thoughtful move: of the small but precious joys in this life, being given an old record about which I have no idea is one that will never wear thin on me.

The Fox sound is steeped in smooth, decadent dark echoey 70s rock vibes, like Fleetwood or "Brother Louie" by the Stories, aka shit I ride for, but with extra velvety synthesizers attached, plus singer "Noosha Fox" sounds a bit like Kate Bush. The two tracks here are my favorites. I have little clue as to what the buoyant, dreamy, slightly calypso "Pisces' Babies" is about, but the darker, driftier "The Juggler" is a beware-of-the-playa cautionary number that uses the slightly unintentionally goofy metaphor of juggling to depict the cavalier gentleman in question. Both are recommended.

Enjoy - download 'em, or pass them on to your girlfriend or boyfriend who likes Fleetwood Mac and pretend you discovered them. I won't let on.

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