Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Credit to the Edit

Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out (Cole Medina Edit)
Mark E - Rnb Drunkie
Adriano Celantano - Prisencolinensinainciusol (GW Ruff Edit)

"Credit to the Edit"is of course Greg Wilson's phrase, the title of the UK disco DJ's influential compilation of disco re-edits. Why credit? Because without the edit, you'd have to listen to the whole damn song. In life, pleasure is fleeting, accompanied by all manner of interventions from the reality principle, from the demands of others. In art, thanks to things like edits, you can just go ahead, cut to the good stuff and mainline beauty directly. The moments when life achieves the beauty of art, in contrast, are exceptional, unpredictable, hard-won, sometimes hard to detect. But let's keep it that way. If life was as able to be sculpted into something beautiful as easily as art is, it would lose all its significance.

Thus for your pleasure, a copious bounty: three recent stone-cold stunning edits, the third by Wilson himself. In all truth I should sprinkle each of these delights out over time, so that the reader doesn't go into sonic diabetic shock, but I can't help myself. Hope you have your kit with you.

Cole Medina's re-edit of the intro to this Bee Gees song, as of late appearing in Mark E's podcast for Resident Advisor. Gorgeous, lavish, trippy, slow-burning, with all manner of dubbed-out trickery and delicious synths. First rate sonic erotic hypnosis. What if you listened to this song for an hour?

Mark E's recent release on NYC's golf channel recordings, a label loosely affiliated with Whatever We Want records and the No Ordinary Monkey parties, all participants in Gotham's wonky disco underground. This is an edit of Janet Jackson from her "Damita Jo" album. It's a 'dj tool' which means that nothing happens really except the infinite unspooling of one or two amazing, heartswelling loops. Put it on when you want to ride your bike or clean your room or something. It's like a springtime shower of fresh delights.

Wilson's edit of this 24-karat lost jewel, the Lewis Carrollian Italian nonsense-language proto-rap disco stomper. Absolute stonkers. I posted the video before but don't you want to see it again? I do.

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soslow said...

credit to the poster of the edit...i've had the cole medina bee-gees on repeat w/ the crossfade playback selected and it's openin my weekend wide up.....sweetness indeed