Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was there when Daft Punk played the Velodrom in Berlin. The fact that 'Velodrom' sounds a lot like "Terrordome" or "Thunderdome" does not seem a meaningless coincidence. It is a large steel-girded arena which when it is not hosting insane laser shows DJ'd by French techno robots is a venue for BMX racing. It would not surprise me to find out that it also accommodates weekly German Gladiator death-matches, with a quaking, shuddering minimal techno soundtrack.

Every artist is a legislator. Every work is an act of laying down the law: now I say this combination of sounds or images or what have you is legitimate, is possible, sounds good, looks good. Daft Punk's legislation was to infuse techno with a rock dynamic. In the past two or three years, groups like LCD Soundsystem in New York have taken the opposite track, infusing rock with techno. James Murphy DJs too, but he stays pretty much in an out-disco or post-punk/dance territory. What the mix below attempts to do is take the form of a dj mix a little further into uncharted waters regarding how rock tracks can be collaged together - beyond the Velodrom.

There are several new strains of repetitive rock that are worthy of attention in this context. I almost want to call it trance rock - the word 'trance' being intended to indicate not the squealing 303s of the techno subgenre trance but the psychological state. You'll note there's no track by Can on here. I want to say this is on purpose, as it would be altogether too easy to bring in 'Paperhouse' or some other epic Can jam, and I was trying to challenge myself. The truth is, I forgot.

Warning: Consumed improperly, this mix may result in side effects such as but not limited to headaches, nausea, teeth-grinding, the shakes, the fits, the herp, and mud butt. If effects persist, consult a DJ.


Download HERE


Shimmer - Soft Circle
Flextone - Liquid Liquid
Danger - Pylon
Race In - Battles
The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack - The Liars
Thela Hun Ginjeet - King Crimson
New Feet - Brian Eno & David Byrne
Health & Efficiency - This Heat
Artificial Energy - Endless Grift
Andexelt - Circle
Driving This Road Until Death - Zombie Zombie
You've Been Duplicated - Chrome
??? - From the Voyage Pan 001 CD curated by Turzi
To Fix the Gash In Your Head - Place to Bury Strangers
Golden Energy - William Judd
Swastika Eyes - Primal Scream
January Rain - Psychic Ills
Honey Bee - Grinderman
Not Bite - Red Transistor
Macbeth - Sonic Youth
Ross Ross Ross - Sebastian
Wardance - Killing Joke
Panic - Metal Urbain
Doctor Please - Blue Cheer


A-lex said...

Sick Mix.

a-lex said...

p.s. i was there!!

Chicrodelic said...

Nice mix
The unidentified song from the Voyage compilation is called "The Countess' Smile" by Ulysses.

Chicrodelic said...

I also hear "Afghanistan" by Turzi between Red transistor and Sonic Youth.

William said...

Damn, out-trainspotted on my own mix