Saturday, December 1, 2007


if your idea of a saturday night pre-game involves free german beer and minimal beats, then I recommend you stop in at my friend Doug's art opening at NYU tomorrow around 730 or so, where I will be DJing to a small crowd of scholars and the recently paroled. doors are at 6, the opening is from 6-8, and whatever happens after that is anybody's game. Tomorrow night's play list will include a number of exclusive berlin-ready Weekend Prince remixes of smooth favorites such as David Crosby and Fleetwood Mac, sure to be marked as founding contributions to the burgeoning 'minimal yacht' genre.
university place, between 8th st and the park, on the west side of the street, look for the little cobblestone side street called washington mews, deutsches haus is first on the right.
If all goes well, an audio transcript of the proceedings will appear here in a timely manner.

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